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Alaska Small Business Group Plans

Small businesses make up 78 percent of all businesses in Alaska, however as of 2008, only 32 percent offered health coverage benefits.  Health Plan One can help your business find plans under Aetna Health Insurance.  Enter your zip code above and select “Small Business Group” to find a quote in your area.

Medical underwriting is allowed within group health insurance and rate can increase or decrease by 35 percent of the regular rate depending on the groups’ health condition.  Small businesses must be between two and 50 people in size and the owner may count as an employee.  At least 50 percent of the employees must enroll in the small business health insurance plan.  These employees work at least 30 hours a week.

Aetna offers their small businesses the traditional plans, such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Point of Service Plans, (POS).  However, for small businesses, the types of plans become more unique.  Aetna provides some members with what is called a Personal Health Record (PHR) that provides a complete record of all claims and health history for the employer about their employees.  Aetna also provides a range of medical/pharmacy and dental plans for small businesses where they can recommend certain programs, such as disease management, for their members.

For small businesses, one of the key factors to consider when choosing a health insurance plan is affordability.  Health Maintenance Organization plans only require the employer to pay for a monthly premium and copayments.  The monthly premiums come out of the paycheck and copayments are paid at the time of treatment.

The reason why some choose Preferred Provider Organization plans, however, is because some employees have their family doctor already chosen and PPOs offer the freedom of choosing out-of-network providers whereas HMOs do not.  The deductible, however, is generally higher than if the employee were to choose an in-network provider, even with the PPO plan.

Point of Service plans are beneficial for employees because if allows them to choose their PCP from in-network or out-of network and can choose 100 percent of all benefits out of network, and the PCP will not require a referral to see certain specialists.  The plan costs more because of the extra benefits.

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Alaska Small Business Initiatives

The Alaska Village Initiative was created in 1968 whose goal is to improve small rural businesses.  Today, the Alaska Village Initiative represents over 50,000 rural Alaskans.

For more information, visit The Alaska Small Business Initiative page.

Tax deductions are possible when receiving a small business health plan, so the employer should research what their employees are looking for within the health care coverage, because the tax deductions depend on how much employers spend on plans.

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