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Anthem – New Jersey

Anthem is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and is part of the S&P 500.  Anthem offers a large network of the nation’s best physicians, specialists and hospitals.  Anthem provides programs and information to manage chronic health conditions and offers services in dental coverage, life insurance and pharmacy benefits.  Anthem offers a variety of plans to those who live in New Jersey, such as Lumenos Health Savings Account plans, Premier Plans, and BlueAccess Value.

Health Savings Accounts allow members to decide where their health care money is allocated- whether it is used for short terms expenses such as copays or long term expenses such as medical care down the road.

With Anthem’s Preferred Provider plans, members are free to choose a doctor or other provider out of Anthem’s network but will pay more for the visit and/or care.  All insurance plans under Anthem cover routine checkups, preventive and specialty care, hospitalization and surgery, diagnostic testing and emergency care prescription drug coverage subject to variance in deductible and co-insurance payments.

New Jersey residents are offered the Traditional Program and the Preferred Provider Organization Program for Anthem Health Insurance.  Under the Traditional Program, Anthem’s comprehensive medical health care benefit plan is included.  Though under this program there is no set network of health care providers, members are recommended to visit a “Blue Plan” participating provider as Anthem is under Blue Cross Blue Shield.

With the Blue Shield ID card, travelling nation-wide or world-wide is covered and helps doctors and hospitals recognize the coverage you need, and what health care carrier you belong to.

DentalBlue is also offered for Anthem members which are network based PPO dental insurance products.  The Dental Networks come within the 100 Network, the 200 Network and the 300 Network.

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