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California Small Business Group Plans

According to the California small business profile, 99.2 percent of total firms were small firms as of 2004.  Women also represent roughly 34.7 percent of the self-employed in California.  Health Plan One can help you business find plans under Aetna Health Insurance, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser and Tonik.  Enter your zip code above and select “Small Business Group” to find a quote in your area.

Anthem Blue Cross offers employers EmployerAccess, an online benefit management system, where employers can manage benefits, access information, view and pay bills online.  This would be where the employer would register its employees and assign medical, vision and dental coverage as they choose.  All invoices are available to print and view within 12 months for tax-deductible proof.

For more information about Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance, visit our Anthem Blue Cross page.

Aside from Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organization plans, (PPOs), Health Net of California offers Elect Open Access products.  EOA products offer HMO coverage as well as self-referral access to specialist in the PPO network.

HMOs are the cheaper route to go for an employer who is looking to insure his or her employees.  However, PPO plans are offered because they allow employees to choose out-of-network providers (doctors, specialists, hospitals) whereas HMOs do not.  PPOs are ideal for employees who use a family doctor before they were given the option of an employee-based health coverage plan and the doctor is not in the plan’s network.  Health Net’s exclusive EOA plans can be chosen between an HMO tier or a PPO tier.

For more information on Health Net Healthcare, visit our Health Net Health page.

Kaiser offers employers to choose from a wide range of small business insurance plans for Californians.  They include copayment plans, HSA-qualified deductible HMO plans, and deductible HMO plans with Health Reimbursement Arrangement plans, Dental plans and Chiropractic plans.

Copayment plans are out-of-pocket costs with no annual deductible for medical services.  HSAs are Health Savings Accounts and they provide the employee with a health-based savings account where they can allot their money towards copayments or save it for future long-term health care.  HRAs, or Health Reimbursement Arrangement plans are arrangements paired with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP).  With these, employers decided how much money can be rolled over each year and can decide if they want to cap contributions to the account.

For more information on Kaiser Healthcare, visit our Kaiser Healthcare page.

Aetna provides members with Personal Health Records (PHR) which provides employers a complete file on each employee’s health background.  Between the PHR, and communicating with employees on what they want out of their insurance plan, employers can find the best plan that fits the needs of all employees.  Medical underwriting in California is allowed, so instead of each premium being based on the individual, a flat-rate premium is given throughout the group plan.  Knowing this, researching before is recommended so the employer can optimize their tax deductions.  Tax deductions are based on how much employers spend on health plans.

For more information on Aetna Health Insurance, visit our Aetna Health Insurance page.

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