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Celtic - Colorado

Celtic offers a variety of health insurance plans to residents in Colorado. Offering individual health insurance plans with competitive benefits, Celtic offers a variety of plans with valuable options.

The H.S.A. plans that are offered are high deductible major medical coverage added with the option to open a Health Savings Account. Members of these plans have control and flexibility over their health care money while receiving tax advantages that will accumulate with time.

Celtic offers several plans that are aimed to keeping a low premium. They offer three types of coverage with their comprehensive health plans which include plans with networks of doctors and hospitals, plans with just a network of hospitals, and plans with no network. When you use network providers you pay a lower percentage of the cost based on the Celtic negotiated discount. Celtic's network also partners with pharmacies to give you low prices prescription drugs. Their PPO network and pharmacy networks are nationwide meaning no matter what state you're in you will remain with the same money-saving coverage.

Additionally, Celtic supplies coverage to those between the ages of 18 and 65, offering multiple deductible choices for individuals, with 100% coinsurance after deductibles, and more. The Celtic plan also guarantees your premium rate for the first 12 months of your coverage. Your plan will cover your expenses assuming the treatment is authorized by your physician, the treatment or diagnosis is for either a sickness or body injury, it is medically necessary/appropriate, and the expense is reasonable.

To qualify for a Celtic health insurance plan, you must be under the age of 65. Among other requirements, you must be a citizen of the Unites states as well as a citizen of Colorado. To learn more give us a call at 877-567-5267.

Celtic Health is a major provider of health insurance plans in Colorado. Offering coverage for kids, individuals and families, they have implemented flexible coverage policies allowing you to adjust your specific plan to your lifestyle and budget. Offering a variety of deductible and coinsurance choices, Celtic aims to provide the highest quality health care in Colorado.