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Humana - California

Humana has been in the health care business for 45 years and today serves over 9 million members.  Humana offers California residents a variety of health insurance plans.  The most popular plans that Humana offers include Monogram Total Plus Rx, Autograph Share Plus Rx and Portrait Share Plus Rx.  Monthly premiums for these plans range from $51 - $200 for individuals and $185 - $719 for families.

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Humana provides its members benefits in dental care and disability insurance.  Uniquely, Humana offers “build-your-own” plans with its large network of 350,000 medical facilities and 3,000 hospitals.

Humana’s Portrait Plan is the choice for those who want to minimize risk and who plan on using medical services in the future.   Examples of this group of people are early-retirees or those who work for a company which does not offer group insurance.  The plans are divided 80/20% where the member is responsible for the bottom number when going to an in-network health care provider.

Several plans within Humana are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO).  The Preferred Provider Organization program is a non-network option, though while the degree of freedom is higher, as consumers are able to choose out-of-network care providers, the copay is generally higher. 

The Autograph Plan is for those who are interested in having a Health Savings Account.  Within the Autograph Plan, the in-network co-insurance is 100% paid for by Humana.  Members of these plans have control and flexibility over their health care money while receiving tax advantages that will accumulate with time. 

Humana’s Monogram plan is an excellent choice for those who are healthy and visit the doctor on occasion, a recent college graduate or graduate student, or those who are not offered a group plan provided by their employer.  This plan provides a high deductible with a low premium.

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