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Humana- Connecticut

Humana is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is one of the nation’s largest publicly traded health insurance companies.  Serving over 9 million members, Humana offers Group Health Insurance, Medicare Plans, Individual Health Insurance Plans, and Specialty benefits.  Humana offers a wide range of health insurance plans to those who live in Connecticut.  The most popular plans in Connecticut include Monogram Total Plus Rx, Autograph Share Plus Rx, and Portrait Share Plus Rx.

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Humana’s Monogram plan is a good choice for those who are healthy and visit the doctor on occasion, a recent college graduate or graduate student, or those who are not offered a group plan provided by their employer.  This plan provides a high deductible with a low premium which makes them attractive to younger people.  However, High Deductible plans are known as a form of “catastrophic” coverage, so this plan is recommended for those who go for regular check-ups and take preventive care.

Humana’s Portrait Plan is ideal for those who want benefits as provided by big employers, who want to minimize risk and who plan to use medical services in the future.  Those usually enrolled in this plan are self-employed, are early-retirees, and who work for a company that does not offer group health insurance.  In-network co-insurance plans are divided 80%/20% where the health plan pays the 80% and the member pays 20%.

Humana’s Autograph Plan is ideal for those who like the tax-saving benefits of a Health Savings Account and who pay for medical expenses provided with tax-deductible contributions.  The in-network coinsurance is 100% where the health plan pays the 100%. Health Savings Account Plans are for individuals and families that want to control their health insurance costs by combing low-cost high-deductible health insurance plans with network discounts.  Members of these plans have control and flexibility over their health care money while receiving tax advantages that will accumulate with time.  Health Savings Accounts follow the individual or family if they move to another state or if there is a career change.

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