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Idaho Small Business Group Plans

According to the Idaho small business profile, 97 percent of total firms were small firms as of 2004.  Women also represent roughly 38.2 percent of the self-employed in Idaho. Health Plan One can help your business find the best plans available.  Enter your zip code above and select “Small Business Group” to find a quote in your area.

Health Insurance for a small business is not required, however, to maintain and retain the best employees, it is recommended.  Health Insurance provided by a company offers an incentive to work for your business and also decreases employee turnover.  To qualify for a small business group plan in Idaho, your company must have between 2-50 employees, who work at least 30 hours per week, and who are not seasonal.  At least 50% of your company should be insured under your small business group plan.

There are cost-effective plans in the health insurance market that can help your business.  Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans cost the least compared to Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Point of Service plans (POS) because they require employees to use in-network care providers, such as doctors, specialists and hospitals, therefore reducing deductibles.  Employees may not approve of this option if their family doctor or specialists they trust are not in the carrier’s network.  This is why employers choose Preferred Provider Organizations.  PPOs allow the use of out-of-network care providers at an additional deductible cost.  Point of Service plans are the most flexible option for employees in that employees are able to select their primary care physician (PCP) where all medical care is directed to.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) have been in the market since December 2003.  The idea behind a health savings account is that it is similar to an IRA, and allows the employee to decide where to use his/her money for health coverage; whether it be used for short term expenses such as copays, or long term expenses such as medical care.  The money that is not used earns non-taxable interest and can move with the employee after changing jobs.

Choosing a Health Insurance plan for your company requires communication with employees to find out what they are looking for in a plan and what best suits their needs.  In the state of Idaho, underwriting is allowed.  For your business, this means that while premiums are not increased per individual, the health history of all employees are taking into account creating one flat monthly premium.  Finding this information out before applying for health insurance is important, especially since health insurance premiums are tax deductible, therefore the tax-refunds that your company gets back at the end of the year, depends on the amount you spend on health insurance.  Aetna offers what is called a Personal Health Record (PHR).  This provides a complete record of all claims and health history for the employer about their employees.

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