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Kentucky Small Business Group Plans

According to the Kentucky small business profile, 97 percent of total firms were small firms as of 2004.  Women also represent roughly 31.4 percent of the self-employed in Kentucky Health Plan One can help you business find plans under Aetna Health Insurance, Anthem, Humana, and Golden Rule.  Enter your zip code above and select “Small Business Group” to find a quote in your area.

Small business plans in Kentucky are offered to companies who have two to 50 full time employees.  Full time employees are those who work at least 30 hours a week and who are not seasonal.  In addition, a least 50 percent of the company must be insured by the group plan.  Underwriting is allowed in Kentucky and therefore the flat rate monthly premium of the group depends on the health history of each individual employee.  Talking to your employees to determine the type of health plan you will get is important to assess their health history and their needs for health insurance.

Aetna offers the Personal Health Record which allows employers 24/7 access to find out their employee’s health background which includes a record of all claims.  Anthem offers EmployerAccess, an online benefit management system which allows employers to manage their employee’s benefits and access their information while viewing and paying bills online.

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Humana offers a similar program, called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to small businesses in Kentucky.  This program provides 24/7 telephone access to speak with a representative and receive health information and advice.  The EAP also offers the option of three face-to-face assessments per unique issue along with six face-to-face short counseling sessions per unique issue. The amount of visits per year may vary per state.

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Offering health insurance for your employees may seem like a large financial responsibility.  However, there are many benefits in offering the health insurance incentive.  Not only does your company decrease employee turnover, it maintains and retains your best employees.  Also, according to a UnitedHealthcare survey and analysis of employees who were insured by their company and had consumer-driven health plans (Health Savings Accounts), there was a 22 percent decrease in hospitalization and a 14 percent decrease in emergency room visits. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) encourage employees to manage their health care money and take responsibility for their health by living a healthier lifestyle.  Health Savings Accounts were introduced to the health insurance market in December 2003 and follow the employee whether they switch jobs or they move to a different state.

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