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Nashville Medicare, Davidson County TN Medicare

Health Plan One offers more than 5 Medicare plans in Nashville, which is part of Davidson County, Texas. Medicare carriers that offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans in Nashville include Humana and Aetna. Enter your ZIP code above to compare the details of the Medicare plans available in Nashville.

The most popular plan in Nashville, Tennessee is Aetna’s Medicare Value Plan HMO. The Medicare Value Plan has a monthly premium of $27.00, pharmacy coverage, skilled nursing coverage, routine eye and physical care as well as diagnostic test, x-rays and lab service coverage. Primary care visits have a $25 copay when a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is selected, and specialist visits have a $35 copay.

For more information on Aenta Medicare, visit our Aetna Medicare page.

Other Medicare plans in Nashville, Tennessee are HumanaChoice Regional PPO, HumanaChoice PPO.

HumanaChoice PPO plans offer the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital, but pay less for services that are within Humana’s network provides. HumanaChoice offers low copayments for doctor visits and offer annual physical examinations. Referrals are not required within HumanaChoice PPO plans. They also offer world-wide emergency coverage and prescription drug coverage.

Humana is URAC credited for its Pharmacy Benefit Management and Military Healthcare Services, CORE-certified, and has a NCQA Accreditation for Medicare and Commercial PPO plans.

For more information about Humana Medicare, visit our Humana Medicare page.

The Tennessee Plan is available for any retired Tennessee employee or local education certified teaching staff who is receiving a monthly retirement allowance. The Tennessee Plan covers a program of hospital and medical benefits for those enrolled in Medicare. The Plan pays specific deductibles and co-insurance amounts that aren’t covered by Medicare.

For more information call (800) 778-4123 or visit the Tennessee Health and Wellness Website.

For more information on Tennessee State Medicare, visit our Tennessee Medicare page.

Choosing the appropriate Medicare plan can be difficult. To help consider what plan is right for you, consider out-of-pocket costs, whether the plan allows out-of-network freedom, the amount of skilled nursing and in-home recovery coverage, and how much hospital expenses would be.

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