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Oakland Medicare - Alameda County, CA Medicare

Health Plan One a variety of plans in Oakland, which is part of Alameda County, California. Medicare carriers that offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans in California include Anthem, Aetna and Blue Shield of California.

For more information on California State Medicare, visit our California Medicare page.

There are a variety of programs in California that offer benefits for low income wages to afford a Medicare Advantage plan.  The programs are: The Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Plan, The Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Program, and The Qualified Individual Program.

The Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Plan helps pay for the Medicare Part A premium.  Some people are not required to pay for Medicare Part A premium as is, depending on their social security credits so keep that in mind.  The Qualified Medicare Plan also helps pay for Medicare Part B premium, deductibles for both Part A and Part B as well as coinsurance under Part A and Part B.  To qualify for the QMB Plan, single’s monthly income cannot exceed $903 and couple’s monthly income cannot exceed $1,215.

The Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Program helps pay for the Medicare Part B premium which would ordinarily be deducted from their monthly Social Security checks.  Monthly income cannot exceed $1,083 for singles and $1,457 for couples.

The Qualified Individual Program helps pay for the Medicare Part B premium for those who have a higher income than specified in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary and Specified Low-Income Medicare plans.  Single’s income cannot exceed $1,219, and couple’s income cannot exceed $1,640.

For more information about these programs, visit the California Health Advocates Savings page.

Medicare Advantage plans in Oakland include Health Maintenance Organization plans and Preferred Provider Organization plans.  Some choose the Preferred Provider plan if they want to stay with their doctor and the doctor is out-of-network under the plan.  The deductible is generally lower, however, if the beneficiary decides to choose an in-network professional.

Anthem has been in the healthcare business since the 19080s.  Anthem is now merged with WellPoint which expanded into a nationwide company.  For more information on Anthem Medicare, visit our Anthem Medicare page.

Aetna has been a healthcare provider for over 150 years.  Aetna provides a variety of plans to meet the needs of senior citizens in California.  For more information on Aetna Medicare, visit our Aetna Medicare page.

Blue Shield of California is part of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association which began in 1929.  Since the Medicare program was established in 1966, Medicare beneficiaries have reached 40 million people.  For more information on Blue Shield of California Medicare, visit our Blue Shield of California Medicare page.

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