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Virginia Small Business Group Plans

Small Business coverage in Virginia is becoming more affordable every day. There are 19 providers for small business/group health insurance in the state. Enter your zip code above and select “Small Business Group” to find a quote in your area.

In order to qualify for group insurance there are a few requirements that must be met. The business size must only be between two and 50 individuals. This number, however, is only based on those employees who are eligible for medical coverage. Full time employees, not seasonal or contractual, may be counted towards the state’s small business health insurance.

As a working individual it’s important to know what the best plans are for you. There are three main small business plans that are Health Managed Organizations (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), and Point of Service (POS).

HMO plans allow you to only receive benefits that are in your specified network. If you go outside this network, you will not receive any benefits. However, the plan does offer small copayments with no deductibles meaning premium rates are low as well.

A PPO plan, other the other hand, offers a little more flexibility. For example, if you go out of the network you’ll still be under some of your benefits as long as you have a referral. The cost of a PPO is similar to an HMO with the exception of paying a deductible. If you are looking for a less expensive premium you can increase your deductible, which will ultimately lower the cost of your plan.

Virginia’s POS plan uses both a coinsurance and a deductible for group coverage. The plan allows you to have more control over your coverage as there are no restrictions in terms of networks. You may see any doctor you want as long as you receive a referral.

Virginia’s continuous coverage plan gives benefits to those groups with 20 or more employees. Regulated by COBRA, the plan provides an 18 month extension to those who were previously under a group health plan. For those groups with less than 20 individuals, you may be provided with an additional six months, assuming you had been under the plan for an additional six months prior to termination.

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