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Don't go without insurance: Get temporary coverage in the interim

Due to the sky-rocketing cost of health care, it is imperative to have continuous health insurance coverage in case of unexpected illness or accidents. Unfortunately, circumstances may not always allow for that. Although temporary health insurance is not intended as a permanent health insurance plan, it can provide an individual with continuous coverage to fill gaps between their long term plans. Many options are now available that offer medical and/or dental coverage and in some instances, prescription coverage as well.

Temporary insurance generally provides coverage in the case of an emergency, an accident, or an unexpected sickness. It is not intended for routine exams. Unlike an HMO or PPO, temporary health insurance usually permits those insured to visit any doctor or hospital of their choice. Coverage usually lasts at least one month but generally not more than twelve months. A handful of companies may offer plans that can last up to 36 months. Any healthy adult under the age of 65 will usually qualify for temporary insurance coverage.

The various temporary health insurance plans can include different combinations of exclusions and limitations. It is very important to carefully review your options and find the plan that will best meet your own personal needs. Temporary health insurance is generally an affordable option for those individuals waiting on future long term insurance coverage to begin.

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