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CAHI Releases 'Understanding the Uninsured'

The Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI) released "Understanding the Uninsured: And What to Do About Them." The publication looks at who are the uninsured and why do they lack coverage. The answers will be a surprise to many.

"Policymakers often talk as if the uninsured are one homogenous group," said CAHI Director Dr. Merrill Matthews. "They aren't. Some of the uninsured have a medical condition and can't get coverage. Others have low incomes and can't afford it. And yet others may be young and healthy and don't want to spend the money. A one-size-fits-all solution for a diverse population almost never works."

"Understanding the Uninsured":

  • Outlines the various segments that make up the uninsured population;
  • Considers some of the actions states have taken that actually make the problems worse; and,
  • Identifies several targeted solutions that will actually solve much of the problem.

Concluded Dr. Matthews, "Our recommendations may not earn legislators the title of 'visionary thinker,' but they will get people covered without breaking the bank."

A copy of "Understanding the Uninsured: And What to Do About Them" is available on CAHI's website,

Founded in 1992, the Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI) is a non-profit research and advocacy association whose mission is to develop and promote free market solutions to America's health care challenges.

CAHI's membership includes health insurance companies (active in the individual, small group, HSA, senior and reinsurance markets), small businesses, physicians, actuaries and insurance brokers.

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