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You need health insurance and here's why

Whatever your situation is, whether you are switching jobs, your employer is no longer offering health insurance, you graduated college and are no longer eligible under your parents insurance, or you haven?t had health insurance in years, this article is for you.

  1. It will save you money. The truth is, medical costs are astronomical. By paying a reasonable monthly premium you would save yourself thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of dollars should you ever need medical treatment.
  2. Peace of mind. Even if you are a healthy individual,*accidents do happen. Wouldn?t you feel better knowing you are covered should you ever need to be?
  3. Discounts. Having health insurance can also offer you discounts, especially with covering those ever increasing prescription costs.
  4. Avoid preexisting conditions exclusions. Continue treatment of those chronic conditions that could become known as preexisting conditions should you lapse without health insurance for too long (in many cases as little as 63 days). If you are between jobs and are waiting for that next job to offer you health insurance, be aware that any condition you had before may not be covered. However, you can safeguard yourself against this by continuing to have health insurance during that time. According to HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), a health insurance plan must cover preexisting conditions of individuals if the individual was covered for twelve consecutive months ending no more than 63 days before.
  5. It's affordable and fits your needs. Now is time to get individual health insurance. It is often less expensive than group health insurance and can be designed to fit your personal needs. There are many a la carte plans as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) that can give you all of the coverage you need with tax benefits as well.

Do yourself a favor and don?t wait until you have a health problem to get health insurance. It is very possible that your request could be denied or coverage could exclude the very problem you were looking to cover. Health insurance is easily accessible and available to you right now. Make the choice that will offer you peace of mind and keep your money in your hands.

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