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Atlantis Health Systems, Inc., a New York corporation (the "Company"), was incorporated on April 17, 1995 as a holding company to be controlled by health care professionals residing in New York State and practicing in New York City. The Company has established a subsidiary, Atlantis Health Plan. The Company was organized by 12 New York physicians ("founding Physicians"). The Health Plan's central goal is to advance the cost-effective delivery of high quality health care in New York City by harnessing the skill, experience and knowledge of health care professionals at every step of the health care management and delivery process, and to recreate the health care partnership that once existed between the patient and the professional.

Things to Know about Atlantis:

  • Atlantis now has Medical Group locations in all five boroughs, where members can receive Primary Care and Lab Services at no co-payment and no pre-authorization.
  • Atlantis has over 27,000 provider locations in its network.
  • Atlantis has no contribution requirements for any of its commercial plans.
  • Atlantis has no participation requirements for its HMO products.
  • Atlantis now offers plans with $25/$40 split co-pays.
  • Atlantis upgraded its prescription benefit administrator to CatalystRx.
  • Atlantis will give ‘group of one’ pricing to sole proprietors and 1099’s.

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