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Lifewise Health Plan Health Insurance

LifeWise is committed to providing Oregonians with access to quality health care and peace of mind about their health care coverage. With LifeWise coverage, members gain access to:

  • A broad range of products and benefit options
  • A stable, extensive provider network
  • Responsive, local customer service
  • Convenient online services

Lifewise’s corporate headquarters are located in Portland with operations based in Bend. They serve more than 160,000 members across all countries of Oregon and they have a statewide network of more than 6,000 physicians, hospitals and other health-care providers. LifeWise and its affiliates employ about 3,000 people and provide health-care coverage to 1.5 million members throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Arizona.

Competing Carriers

Lifewise Health Plans

The three individual and family plans you can choose from is the value-packed WiseEssentials plan, the comprehensive WiseChoices plan or the tax-advantaged WiseSavings plan, all of which you'll get benefits and health care coverage that fits your lifestyle. Preventive care is covered in all three plans. Preventive screenings include cancer screenings, infectious disease screenings, heart and vascular disease screenings, and metabolic, nutrition and endocrine screenings. Preventive exams include routine physicals and physicals for school, sports and employment, women's annual exams, and preventive immunizations.

The WiseEssentials plan offers affordable basic coverage with lower monthly rates. Deductibles range from $1,500 to $7,500 with a 25% coinsurance. Prescription drugs are $20 for generic drugs up to 30 day supply.

The WiseChoices plan offers the broadest coverage with choice of deductible and co-pay options. Deductibles range from $500 to $5,000 with a coinsurance of 20%. Per visit co-pay applies to professional office visits, preventive exams and screenings and alternative care. This plan also offers vision care and accident benefits.

The WiseSavings plan is an HSA-qualified, high-deductible health plan designed to work with an HSA account to help you actively manage your healthcare, and save for current and future medical expenses. With an HSA account, you make deposits and withdrawals, like a regular savings account, except money may be tax-free if the funds are used to cover qualified medical expenses. The deductible is $3,000 for individual and $6,000 for family with a 20% coinsurance.