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Rocky Mountain Health Plans Health Insurance

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) is a Colorado-based, not-for-profit health plan. Founded in 1974, they offer a wide range of medical benefit options, including PPO, HMO, shared-funding, and self-funded medical plans.

RMHP and affiliated entities provide services to more than 178,536 enrollees:

  • 4,637 fully-insured employer groups with 66,609 Members
  • 179 partially self-funded employer groups with 59,203 Members
  • 12,323 individuals
  • 23,956 Medicare seniors
  • 12,358 Medicaid eligible persons
  • 4,027 children under the Child Health Plan Plus program

RMHP provides access to one of the largest provider networks in Colorado:

  • 2,379 primary care doctors
  • 4,946 specialists
  • 3,038 non-physician specialty providers
  • 89 hospitals
  • 459 outpatient facilities
  • 897 pharmacies

The organization is financially strong and stable, receiving A.M. Best Company's highest rating for a health plan of their size (B++ - Very Good). Because of their financial strength, Rocky Mountain has been rated A- (Excellent Financial Security) by Weiss Ratings, Inc. This rating places them in the top 18.8 percent of the industry, an elite group of 99 health insurance companies that have received an Excellent rating.

For more than 30 years, Rocky Mountain Health Plans has remained independent in an industry where buyouts and consolidations are routine. They continue to make decisions at the local level to serve and protect Members, not shareholders. They were the proud recipient of the 2006 America's Health Insurance Plans Foundation Innovation and Excellence Award in Chronic Care for their Improving Diabetes Outcomes in Mesa County initiative.

Competing Carriers

Rocky Mountain Health Plans

SOLO Health Plans are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) which means you can see the health care provider of your choice. The SOLO health plans provide coverage for office visits, preventive care exams and screenings, prescription drugs, accidents, injuries, and inpatient and outpatient hospital care.

Three of the SOLO plans include SOLO Select plans, which are the most comprehensive, low deductible plans with a higher monthly premium; the SOLO Smart Choice Plans, which are high deductible plans with lower monthly premiums and allow you to contribute to a tax-advantaged HSA (Health Savings Account) to cover medical costs; and SOLO Safety Net Plans, which have the lowest monthly premiums and are designed to protect you against the costs of serious illness or injuries.