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Tonik Health Insurance

What's up with TONIK?

You're a smart one - you've probably figured out that Tonik is health insurance created especially for the young and healthy. "Why would someone so young and healthy need health insurance?" you may ask. Same reason everyone does. No one likes to think about it, but let's face it, something might happen to you. And of course, making sure all the good stuff you've got stays that way is just a smart thing to do.

Thanks to you and your hearty self, they're able to offer lower-priced health care because your needs are less demanding. You cost us less. Tonik plans cost you less. Good news all-around.

Even though the particular kind of coverage they're offering is new, they're backed by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield–and their mission is to improve the health of the people they serve.

Tonik Health Insurance Quotes are available in the following states

Connecticut, Georgia

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Tonik Plans

TONIK plans are for young and healthy Americans, primarily those between the ages of 19 and 29. These plans provide coverage at rates between $73 and $203 per month depending on your age, medical history, residence, and medical history. Although TONIK is geared towards Americans under the age of 29, anyone younger than 65 years of age may apply for coverage.

Thrill Seeker aka 5000:

"You live life on the edge, and happily go over it."

  • 4 doctor visits per year
  • $20 co-pay
  • $5,000 deductible

Average Premiums:

  • $105.27 - $161.04 per month (CT)
  • $130.09 - $134.65 per month (NH)
  • $113 per month (NV)

Part-Time Daredevil aka 3000:

"Play hard. Play safe. You mix it up any which way."

  • 4 doctor visits per year
  • $30 co-pay
  • $3,000 deductible

Average Premiums:

  • $116.56 - $179.46 per month (CT)
  • $142.46 - $147.54 per month (NH)
  • $133 per month (NV)

Calculated Risk-Taker aka 1500:

"A well-thought-out walk on the wild side is just your style."

  • Unlimited doctor visits per year
  • $40 co-pay
  • $1,500 deductible

Average Premiums:

  • $130.75 - $202.63 per month (CT)
  • $159.24 - $165.01 per month (NH)
  • $153 per month (NV)

*None of these TONIK plans include maternity benefits, so those who are considering parenthood should visit one of the other carrier pages for plans that offer maternity coverage.

* Copays for office visits, ER visits, and prescription drugs do not apply toward the annual deductible/out-of-pocket maximum.

Question: I am healthy and in my twenties, so how much could I really save with a TONIK plan?

Answer: Although you may be young and healthy, all it takes is one accident. If anything were to happen to you, TONIK coverage would greatly reduce the financial burden of any accident. For example, if you needed to spend 3 days in a hospital, you would pay an average of 27,984 without health insurance. Under TONIK's Calculated Risk-Taker plan, you would pay a maximum of $1500.

Total Savings: $26,484

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